Unbelievable! How the Mongolian “Mountain Milk”
Was Shown In A Study on Seniors with High Blood Pressure to Give:

Better Blood Pressure
In Just 8 Weeks

In the next 34 seconds, I’m going to show you the results of an incredible blood pressure study…

Where 70 men and women with high blood pressure were given a natural solution… or a placebo…

And those who got this natural blood pressure solution experienced an incredible 10-point improvement in their systolic reading…

And an excellent 4-point improvement in their diastolic reading…

In just 8 weeks!

So if you’re ready to finally stop thinking about how to keep your blood pressure healthy…

Or thinking about your next doctor’s visit and that annoying blood pressure cuff…

And if you’re ready to finally keep a healthy blood pressure reading…

You’re going to love the simple, scientifically-studied solution I’m about to show you.

Imagine, just two short months from now…

Waking up with better blood pressure than you have right now...

woman stretching her arms as she wakes up in bed

And your doctor tells you that your blood pressure is staying in the healthy range.

That’s what this could help do for you...no matter how long you’ve been trying to keep your blood pressure healthy, or how many other things you’ve tried.

This breakthrough has been the subject of
30 clinical studies on blood pressure

So if you’re tired of trying things that don’t work…

Tired of the nagging from your spouse and family members to watch what you eat and go to the gym…

And if you want to stun your doctor at your next appointment with relaxed, healthy blood pressure, then please pay close attention.

What I’m about to show you is going to change everything.

I’ll explain the surprising way this blood pressure solution was discovered…

How it works to help improve blood pressure…

And the stunning research showing it can deliver an impressive improvement in seniors with high blood pressure.

Plus, you’ll see all the scientific evidence showing how it works.

But first, please allow me introduce myself.

My name is Rebecca Walker and I’m Executive Director at Gold Leaf Nutritionals, a leading American nutraceuticals firm.

Our premium solutions have helped thousands of Americans fight the symptoms of aging and regain their youthful health.

As Executive Director, my team and I have spent hours on end reading scientific papers and looking for medical breakthroughs that can improve the lives of American seniors.

So when my team and I came across this, I knew we had found something huge.

If you’re trying to keep your blood pressure healthy, you’re not alone. Millions of Americans are in the same boat.

And frankly, I haven’t been impressed by other natural solutions that we’ve found.

Until now.

But what exactly IS it?

And how could it help you maintain healthy blood pressure?

Well, what this discovery is, is kind of surprising…and it’s likely the reason your doctor hasn’t told you about it yet...

It all started thousands of miles from here and quite a few years back…

...when a man named Mishima had some business that took him to the most remote and treacherous villages in Mongolia.

Despite the rough terrain and harsh elements, he couldn’t help but notice the villagers appeared to be in extremely good health.

When he asked the locals how they stayed so healthy, they handed him a cup filled with a milky substance...

And motioned for him to drink. He took a sip, followed by more until he had drained the cup.

Before, he was overtired and weak from travel…but after drinking this “milk” each day...

He felt refreshed and abuzz with a surge of new energy.

Mishima asked what he had just drank, and the villagers told him it was their Sacred Mongolian Mountain Milk.

“Everyone drinks one cup each day,”
they explained, “It gives us strength and energy, and keeps us healthy”

As the days passed, Mishima continued to drink the mountain milk each morning, and he noticed how every day he was feeling better, stronger, and healthier.

He continued to observe the people of the village and see that everyone appeared to be in good health and no one seemed weak or feeble.

After returning home, Mishima shared the drink with people he knew, and soon he hired scientists to study the milk to figure out exactly how it was able to improve people’s health so dramatically.

They discovered it held the astonishing ability to help improve blood pressure levels.

That’s because this drink is no ordinary cow’s milk.

The sacred Mongolian Mountain Milk is made by allowing milk to ferment with a specific strain of bacteria, until it becomes a tangy, yogurt-like drink.

After much research, scientists found that the health-improving power in the milk came from 2 very special elements in the milk -- called “peptides”...

...that are unlocked during the fermentation process.

Specifically, these peptides are called VPP and IPP lactotripeptides.

Or, VI Peptides, for short.

And I believe these two VI Peptides are the most powerful natural blood pressure improving substances I’ve ever seen

I know that’s a bold statement.

But VI Peptides have been the subject of over 30 clinical trials

And I’ll tell you about a handful where it’s been shown to help improve blood pressure.

In just a moment I’ll tell you exactly where you can get them…

But first let me share some of the amazing scientific evidence with you.

Starting with the study that shows how this solution could finally be the trick to keeping your blood pressure healthy.

In 2011, researchers gave a group of 70 seniors with high blood pressure, the special VI Peptides or a placebo for 8 weeks.

At the end of the study, the participants had a staggering 10.5 mmHg point improvement in systolic blood pressure (the top number)...

And a 4.7 mmHg point improvement in diastolic blood pressure (the bottom number).

And that’s not all.

What’s even more impressive, is that the volunteers had an 11.0 mmHg point improvement in their central systolic blood pressure!

And to be clear, in all my years of looking at scientific studies, I have never seen a blood pressure improvement this big… before now…

An amazing 10.5 point improvement in systolic blood pressure…

A 4.7 point improvement in diastolic…

And an 11.0 point improvement in central blood pressure.

What were your most recent blood pressure numbers?

Now, what if your blood pressure could improve?

How much healthier would you be?

How much better would you feel every day?

And how much happier would your family be knowing that your blood pressure is right where it should be…and that it’s going to stay there?

three friends hugging and smiling

Are you beginning to see why this is such a huge breakthrough in blood pressure health?

That’s why doctors around the world are finally recommending their patients take VI Peptides to help keep their blood pressure healthy.

With results in real people with high blood pressure, I’m sure you can see why I believe this is the biggest blood pressure breakthrough in history.

Now you might be wondering exactly how they work...and how you can try them for yourself.

VI Peptides are effective at improving blood pressure because they naturally
help lower ACE enzymes

You may have heard about ACE enzymes before in regards to blood pressure…

Because ACE is an enzyme that causes your blood vessels to become more narrow, making your blood pressure higher.

But when the ACE enzyme is lowered with ACE inhibitors, it helps prevent your blood vessels from becoming more narrow, which helps lower blood pressure.

Just like when you unkink your garden hose and the pressure decreases…

When you take the right amount of VI Peptides, your arteries and veins can relax and stay open...

So your blood flows more easily around your body…and it’s easier on your heart.

That’s how, by helping lower ACE enzymes, VI peptides improve your blood pressure

And remember, VI peptides have been the subject of 30 human studies, and have been shown to cause an amazing total 10 point improvement in systolic blood pressure and 4 point improvement in diastolic blood pressure!

Simply put, VI Peptides are one of the most well-researched natural solutions for healthy blood pressure control that I’ve ever seen…

So if you feel like you’ve tried everything to keep your blood pressure healthy…

But it’s still not as healthy as you want it to be…

And your spouse keeps nagging you to eat less salt and exercise more…

You can now finally rest easy, and get better blood pressure with VI Peptides.

But there is one small catch.

You see, you can’t get these peptides from milk at the grocery store, or from yogurt.

Remember the Mongolian Mountain Milk?

The clinically-studied VI Peptides that I told you about come from milk that goes through a patented fermentation and enzymatic process.

This process is what “unlocks” the peptides from the milk, and makes them available for your body to absorb.

And, if fermented milk sounds unpleasant, no need to worry. The peptides extracted from the fermentation process have no taste or smell.

I know how important healthy blood pressure is to you. And to your family and loved ones.

That’s why we arranged to get a supply of these special VI Peptides for a select group of Americans…

While they’re still available, we’ve included the exact, clinically studied dose of VI Peptides in a blood pressure formula called BP Gold™.

Thanks to the VI Peptides from fermented milk, BP Gold is our most comprehensive formula for blood pressure health…

Bottle of BP Gold Bottle of BP Gold

...different than anything you may have heard of or tried before.

So you can finally stop thinking about keeping your numbers healthy and get back to enjoying life.

I mentioned that the VI Peptides are made in a special way, so we have a limited supply of BP Gold.

But through this presentation, you can now get direct access to BP Gold with the exact, clinically-studied dose of VI Peptides shown to promote better blood pressure.

But that’s not all.

When we created BP Gold we wanted it to be a complete blood pressure and blood flow solution, so your entire cardiovascular system is supported.

That’s why we knew we had to address one of the other main factors that could affect your blood pressure:

Low nitric oxide.

Nitric oxide is a molecule your body produces that serves a lot of functions…

But one of its main functions is relaxing your blood vessels, making it easier for your heart to pump blood throughout your body.

As you age, however, your body begins to produce less and less nitric oxide…

That’s why it's so common to have to try harder to maintain healthy blood pressure as you get older.

So as the years go by, it’s critical that you raise your nitric oxide levels if you want to keep your blood pressure healthy.

Luckily, we’ve found the answer to that, too.

It’s called resveratrol.

basket of grapes, wine bottle, and glass of wine on a picnic table

You may have heard about resveratrol and how it’s the secret in wine that makes it so heart-healthy…

And how it could be the reason why the French have better heart health than us Americans.

That’s because experimental studies have shown that resveratrol can help boost nitric oxide levels in your body, which can improve your blood pressure.

It can also help decrease the stiffness of your arteries, which is caused by bits of calcium in your arteries.

As the years go by, calcium could get stuck in your arteries, making them stiffer and more narrow...

But resveratrol is able to go in and actually help reduce this stiffening!

This was shown in a 12-week study on men and women with Type 2 diabetes.

And when your arteries are less stiff and blood flow is boosted, your blood pressure could be healthier.

But that’s not all resveratrol does.

It’s also been shown to help
improve your brain power!

In a placebo-controlled study in 36 adults aged 40-80 with Type 2 diabetes, researchers found that 75 mg of resveratrol boosted blood flow to the brain by 35% compared to placebo...

And it improved the participants’ performance on tests that measure focus and attention!

The most stunning part is that resveratrol works fast...bringing the blood flow boost to the brain and cognitive benefits beginning in just over 1 hour!

That means when you take resveratrol, your arteries could become healthier… and you could have a boost in blood flow to your brain. But there is one little problem with resveratrol...

And it's that you would have to drink a lot of wine (like the French) to get enough to see the benefit…

That’s why we included a special
form of resveratrol called MicroActive Resveratrol®, in BP Gold

So, in every dose of BP Gold

You get the clinically-researched VI Peptides for blood pressure support…

And the revolutionary MicroActive Resveratrol for better blood flow…

All in one convenient capsule.

With BP Gold, you can get back to doing more important things in life.

Like spending time with your children and grandchildren…

grandfather reading a book with grandchildren

Having friends over for a dinner party…

Or planning a bucket-list trip with your spouse.

BP Gold is the only formula with the premium VI peptides which have been shown in a study to deliver a 10 mmHg point improvement in systolic blood pressure…and a 4-point improvement in diastolic blood pressure

Combined with resveratrol to help decrease the stiffness of your arteries…

And can even give a boost in brain-power!

It’s formulated with healthy,
clinically-researched ingredients

So you know you’ll get the exact blood pressure support you’re looking for.

But we didn’t stop with just VI peptides and MicroActive Resveratrol…

No. Like I said before, we wanted to make sure BP Gold is the most complete formula for blood pressure and heart health available.

So we also made sure to include a potent dose of pomegranate, and a full 100 mg dose of magnesium

These are 2 of the most overlooked nutrients for your heart health and blood pressure.

You may have seen commercials promoting pomegranate juice for heart health…

And there’s a very good reason for that.

That’s because pomegranate is one of the most antioxidant-packed fruits out there…

Its antioxidant power is more potent than red wine, grapes, raw blueberries, black cherry juice, acai juice, cranberry juice, orange juice…and many other fruit juices!

chart showing pomegranate with much higher antioxidant levels than other fruits

If you’ve never heard of antioxidants, they are molecules that help protect our bodies against the wear and tear of aging, and the harmful free radicals in our environment.

One study in folks with high blood pressure found that the antioxidants in pomegranate juice are especially effective at helping improve the health of the delicate cells that line your blood vessels.

It’s critical to keep these cells healthy because they are what make your blood vessels relax, allowing blood to move freely.

And the world-famous Cleveland Clinic reports that studies in mice suggest pomegranate may help support arteries by reducing the accumulation of fats and cholesterol on blood vessel walls.

Studies in cells found that pomegranate can also help boost nitric oxide levels, further adding to your blood pressure support arsenal.

That’s why we included a full 210 mg dose of pomegranate extract in BP Gold.

And we made sure that it’s standardized to contain a minimum of 60 mg of the beneficial compounds found in pomegranate, that give it its antioxidant activity.

This is important if you want to get the most benefits from pomegranate…

To keep the cells of your arteries protected against free radicals, and your cholesterol healthy.

Finally, a blood pressure formula wouldn’t be complete without magnesium.

Magnesium is a vital mineral that performs over 300 functions in your body…

In fact, not getting enough magnesium has been associated with an increased risk of developing high blood pressure

It’s that important.

However, magnesium deficiency is a HUGE problem in the U.S.

With almost half of adults not getting enough.

That’s because most people don’t eat enough foods that are rich in magnesium (like whole wheat, spinach and quinoa)...

photograph of magnesium-rich foods on a table

And even those foods don’t contain the amount of magnesium they used to, because our soils have been depleted from over-farming.

So it's absolutely critical to take extra magnesium as you get older…

And why we included a full 100 mg dose of high-quality magnesium in BP Gold.

So let’s recap. In every capsule of BP Gold you get:

BP Gold contains the clinically researched ingredients to help improve your blood pressure, blood flow, and overall heart health.

With the VI peptides in BP Gold, you can feel confident day and night that your blood pressure is locked in exactly where it should be.

And let me be clear...

While you don't need to throw away your salt shaker or start a vigorous exercise plan…

We all know a little exercise and a healthy diet is important.

You’ll be ready to amaze your doctor at your next routine checkup.

Won’t it feel good to finally impress your doctor with a healthier blood pressure reading?

That’s what BP Gold can do for you.

I know you’ve probably tried a lot of different things to keep your blood pressure healthy...

And maybe some worked for a little while but then wore off…

Or maybe the side effects were so unbearable you couldn’t stand to take it anymore.

But with BP Gold, you don’t have to worry.

BP Gold was designed to be the most advanced blood pressure-improving
formula we’ve ever created

And the benefits may only get better the longer you take it.

And BP Gold is made right here in the United States, in a GMP-certified facility.

Every lot is tested to ensure it’s pure, potent, and contains only what it’s supposed to.

So you can trust in BP Gold for your blood pressure and heart health.

And it’s why we back BP Gold with our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

Here’s how it works...

If you try BP Gold and your blood pressure isn’t the healthiest it’s been in years…

If you don’t see an improvement in your systolic reading…

An improvement in your diastolic…

Or an improvement in your central blood pressure...

If you don't feel completely secure in your blood flow and heart health…

Or if you aren’t 100% satisfied for any reason…

Then you should DEMAND 100% of your money back.

And we’ll be happy to oblige -- no questions asked.

That's right.

If you’re unsatisfied for any reason at all…heck, even if you don't like the color of the pills…

...simply return any unopened bottles and get a full refund.

And our 100% satisfaction guarantee
never expires

bottle of BP Gold with satisfaction guarantee seal

You can get your money back at any point, whether it's been a month, a year, two years or longer.

That’s how confident we are that BP Gold can work for you.

You have absolutely nothing to lose when you try BP Gold today.

So here’s what to do next.

In a moment, you’ll see an Add to Cart button below.

When you click on it, you’ll be taken to our secure reservation page.

Simply select the number of bottles that you’d like to start with.

You can begin with a one bottle order, but if you want to save the most money, I’d recommend getting a 3 or 6 bottle supply.

You’ll want to keep taking it to continue to see the best results.

Now, if you tried to buy all of these ingredients individually, it could be unaffordable.

But through the special link below, you can get BP Gold for just $59 per bottle.

I think that price is a steal for the quality of the ingredients included in every BP Gold dose.

And, after all, can you put a price on your heart health?

But it gets better. If you stock up and save on a 3 or 6 month supply, you can claim up to $55 in instant savings.

I’m not sure how long we’ll be able to offer these low prices, so be sure to lock in your order today.

Simply fill out your information on the reservation page and we’ll immediately get your supply of BP Gold packaged and shipped off to your doorstep.

When the package arrives simply take your first dose with some water.

The peptides will go to work, helping to improve your blood pressure…

The MicroActive Resveratrol will be absorbed better than regular resveratrol…

...and will begin boosting your nitric oxide levels for better blood flow and healthier arteries…

Then the pomegranate goes to work to help promote the health of your blood vessels with its superior antioxidant ability...

And magnesium works to help keep blood pressure healthy...

So that by the next time you go to your doctor for a checkup, he’ll be amazed at your blood pressure readings…

And you’ll feel happy knowing you took steps to keep your blood pressure, and your heart, healthy.

I have one final piece of good news for you today.

We never want you to go a day without BP Gold keeping your blood pressure in check…

So through this presentation you get complimentary access to our Priority Pass refill program.

This FREE service ensures you never have to worry about calling in to order a refill of BP Gold...

We’ll conveniently send you a new refill right when you need it -- so you don’t miss a dose.

Plus, with Priority Pass you lock in all the savings you secure today (so you never have to worry about the cost increasing)...

And best of all you’ll get FREE shipping! Saving you over $83 per year.

Priority Pass is a completely free and convenient service to you.

You can always call or email to cancel or change the frequency of your refills.

It’s flexible and controlled by you.

So now it's time.

You can continue how you’ve been going, trying hard to keep your blood pressure under control…

And facing the worry about your next check-up…or how healthy your heart is...

Or you can get BP Gold and keep
healthy blood pressure

And remember, you take absolutely no risk with our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

Simply try BP Gold and be happy with your blood pressure, or get your money back.

So click the Add to Cart button below now to secure your supply, and I’ll see you on the other side.

For Gold Leaf Nutritionals, I’m Rebecca Walker.

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